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The 5th Wave by Rick Yancey.

The 5th Wave -

Since this book came out, everybody has been talking about 'how much they loved it' and 'how good it was'. So I had great expectations for this book; I was expecting it to be a masterpiece, I was expecting to love it as much as I love other books, I was expecting a lot of things from this book. And It didn't disappoint, however it didn't meet all of my expectations.


The first chapters of this book were great and it had me hooked from the beginning, even though it bacame less and less interesting as the story progressed, I couldn't put it down.

Rick Yancey managed to build tension and keep me intrigued throughout all the book, whenever I was sure something would happen, he made me second-guess. What I really liked were the twists, this book was full of them!


I also liked that we could read the story from differents points of view, I think it gave depth to some characters (we knew how they felt, the way they think...), they didn't stay as two-dimensional characters. Character development is really important to me when I read any kind of book and Yancey's characters didn't disappoint, even the little brother wasn't just an object whose only purpose was to make Cassie travel and face dangers in order to keep the reader interested; he had his own feelings and by the end of the book he was a tridimensional character. Unfortunately, I didn't feel as attached to the characters as I was expecting.


But my favorite part about this book was the world Yancey created. It felt so realistic, as if something like that could happen any day. It wasn't like other books-as, say, The Hunger Games- in which it seems that what happens will never happen to us. And the references in The 5th Wave only increaased the realistic feeling of it.


It had some flaws, of course. A lot of things happened in this book, sometimes I felt  it was too much. And some stuff reminded me of some books I have read, that's why it became less interesting by the end of it. But what bugged me the most was the ending. I didn't like it, I was expecting something different (I was expecting this book to be a stand-alone). I don't know what to expect from the next book and I not too excited to read it.


 I have mixed feelings about this book; when I started reading it, my thoughts were 'this book is great!' but by the end I wasn't as sure. Nonetheless, It deserves the four-star rating I gave it.

I would recommend this book to anyone how enjoys science fiction, it is worth reading. I know I'm glad I read it.


(Note: Please feel free to correct me if I made any mistakes; English is not my first language you see.)